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2019 Fall Summit

Hilton Garden Inn, 
Lebanon, NH

September 26, 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Aiming for great marketing results in 2020?
Let us help you get on target!

Whether you are a seasoned marketer, or new to the profession, this informative event will inspire you! Join us, interact with your peers and learn from the multiple sessions. Leave with a list of actionable to do’s to enhance your marketing efforts!

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Measurable Website Enhancements to Impact Sales
Fred Schall, Digital Consultant, Schall Creative LLC

A small business needs to be thinking about how their online visitors are using the company website today. What products or services are users visiting most, and why? Is the checkout process smooth and efficient? Can there be improvements when we think about customer service online?
In this presentation, you will learn the importance of discovering what is on the other side of the table by conducting online surveys, user interviews, analytics and focus groups. We will explore having a conversation from client-focused projects to user-focused experiences by leveraging tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, and marketing automation platforms.
The goal is to make continuous website enhancements that have a purpose, that's measurable and ultimately, that creates an impact in sales and marketing for an organization.

Conversational Marketing: Engage Your Users and Build Relationships
Stacey Schall, Digital Consultant, Schall Creative, LLC

A traditional digital sales and marketing process involves the user doing research, visiting a website, filling out a form, and never having a conversation. By using Live Chats and Chat bots, organizations can leverage the power of real-time conversations to instantly engage with their users and move them through the sales funnel quickly. With Conversational marketing you have the ability to build relationships and create authentic experiences from the get-go. This presentation will walk through how online buying habits are changing, and how you can meet your users expectations through conversational marketing. 

Tee Up For More Targeted Leads Through Lead Generation
Amanda Schneck, President of Pearl Marketing

In a world where digital marketing is a valuable asset to marketing plans, the art of lead generation is equally as important to a brand, business or organization. Lead Generation creates selling opportunities by converting site visitors into prospects. Learn how lead generation fits into your          marketing strategy and how to nurture these prospects into buyers and loyal customers. 

Back to the Future of Social Media
Elena Contois, Marketing Consultant at Pearl Marketing

Social Media Marketing trends are constantly changing in today's digital world. Learn about a handful of tools that are currently helping other businesses generate more engagement and leads to their brand that you might not be aware of. Stay ahead of the curve by learning about these exciting marketing topics within the world of social media to generate more interest and leads to your business. 

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