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2018 marked our 30th year of providing seminars, an annual conference, and invaluable networking opportunities for business people throughout the Northeast. The group was founded in 1988 by George Duncan, Larry Chait and Bob Sabloff - three very knowledgeable, very experienced direct marketing professionals. These just weren't any guys. They were smart. They were leaders in their fields. They had good ideas. They had good connections. And, above all they had BIG dreams. They felt that if they were able to get 50 members in the Group, it would be a HUGE achievement.

You can bet they never dreamed that the VT/NH MG would be where it is today - one of the largest local direct marketing organizations in the nation with hundreds of members scattered throughout a five state area.

Seven past presidents of the VTNHMG gathered at the B2B2C Summit.
Left to right: Shari LaPierre, Sam Cutting, Carole Ziter, George Duncan,
John Mann, Susan O'Neil and Bill LaPierre

It is because of this growth, and the diversification of business practices in our region that we conclude our year and look forward to another year of continued success. The VT/NH Marketing Group is dedicated to promoting excellence in education and training for marketers in all channels and formats, and to achieving & upholding the highest ethical business standards.

Vermont & New Hampshire have the highest per capita number of mail order and direct marketing companies of any two states in the country. While direct marketers enjoy the quality of life offered here, the VT/NH MG provides a network of support to help them run their businesses as productively as possible. Our members use every method of direct marketing, from traditional direct mail and catalogs to telemarketing and the internet.

We have a diverse membership with many of New England's largest direct marketers - people like Gardener's Supply, The Orvis Company, Lake Champlain Chocolates and Vermont Country Store, but our focus is on the small and mid-size entrepreneurial companies, many of which are just starting up.

We specialize in the little guys  - we're the only ones who cater to their needs and it shows!

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