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February 15, 2018

  The VT/NH Marketing Group is pleased to announce that this year we will be celebrating out 30th year of providing affordable education to marketing individuals of all levels, throughout many industries.  It has been exciting to see the world of marketing evolve from print ads, direct mailings, and tip-ins to the fast-paced world of Social Media.  Messages and ads can be delivered on a moments notice and analyzing the data can happen instantaneously. It's definitely enough to make ones head spin!!

As we get start closing out the winter months in New England, we look forward to presenting our 30th Annual Marketing Conference on May 23 & 24, 2018.  Our Tomorrow is Today conference will offer sessions on many subjects that will help you not only grow your business....but help you run a more efficient business. 

So mark  your calendar!! May 23 & 24 at the fabulous Courtyard Marriott Event Center we will gather with some outstanding speakers  (more information to be posted on website soon) and an evening of fun!

January 22, 2018- 
We are honored that Datamann, Inc. will host their 6th annual seminar with the VT/NH Marketing Group on April 5, 2018 at the Marriott Event Center in Nashua, NH.  With popular speakers, Amy Africa, Kevin Hillstrom and Bill LaPierre - if you are in the catalog business, you can not afford to miss this event!

The catalog and ecommerce environments are very different than they were just a year ago. And more change is coming to the industry faster than it ever has. Join us to learn how to do something different!  

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